Scotland & England
May 2003

Aberdeen, Stotland

Beach view outside our hotel
Keith with view of beach and ferry coming from the Sheffield Islands
Ferry, pictured above also, coming into the harbor
Johnna driving car with steering wheel on the rights side of car.

Ellon, Scotland

Johnna outside a tavern where we had after dinner drinks
Johnna outside a grave yard at an old church.

Stonehaven, Scotland

Scene of the beach

Dunnotar Castle, Scotland

Dunnotar Castle Post Card.  So that you can see aerial view.
Walking up to the Castle
In front of fresh Water holding pond for castle

City of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Castle

At Train Station in Edinburgh
Riding in the Train down to Edinburgh
Walking up the winding pathway to the Castle
View of Edinburgh from walk up to Castle, shot 1
View of Edinburgh from walk up to Castle, shot 2
In front of Castle
Postcard shot of castle
Waling down the Royal Mile outside the Castle
Eating Diner at a Hotel where my David Montz and Donniel were staying.  Pictured also is Kevin Baker.

London, England

Outside the Sheraton Hotel
A view from our balcony
Standing at the fountain in the middle of Piccadilly Circus
Johnna in infamous phone booth at Piccadilly Circus
Buckingham Palace Changing Of The Guard
Johnna sitting watching the Changing Of The Guard
Outside Buckingham Palace at the Changing Of The Guard
Bucking Ham Palace Park
Inside the London Eye looking out into the City of London           *
Outside Hard Rock Cafe.  The Founding Restaurant.
Eating At Hard Rock Cafe
Taking boat ride tour of the River Timmes
View of Big Ben from boat ride.
View Of London Eye from boat.    *
Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
Johnna outside of the famous Harrod's Department Store
Johnna outside Westminster Abbey Church
Outside Sherlock Homes Pub near Tower Of London
Johnna outside the Royal Fusiliers Regimental Museum
On the London Tour Bridge
Eating lunch and a view from London Bridge raising for a boat to pass.  View1
Eating lunch and a view form London Bridge raising for a boat to pass.  View2
Inside the London Tour Castle
View of the Queen's Accommodations in the Tour Of London Castle.  Also in view, is a guard who is always posted outside, in the event she actually came and stayed there.  In front is the famous flightless black crows which are residents of the Tower Of London Castle..
St Paul's Cathedral