Paris, France & Barcelona, Spain
November 10th - 16th, 2005

Like many vacations, Johnna and I took this one with our great friends, Dan Lee and Mia Pham.  We spent one day in Paris on the layover from Houston and then four days in Barcelona with one final day in Paris.  During this time of year both cities were cold and rainy.  The weather did not affect us other than the last day in Paris where it was very cold and wet.

Barcelona was inexpensive compared to Paris.  The best food we had were at two restaurants.  In Barcelona, the "Citrus" Restaurant was the best with a close second in Paris at the "Au Pied De Cocbon".  Both are famous restaurants in the two respective cities with reservations an advantage.

Dan Lee was able to achieve one of his lifetime goals which was to race in a Formula 1 Car.  Many Americans are acquainted with the Indy 500 or NASCAR, but the rest of the world follows Formula 1, which arguably is a racing sport with more fans, money and athleticism required.

To get around in Barcelona and Paris required very little Spanish and French.  I can speak a little Spanish and only know a few social words in French.  No matter the difference in language, we had no problem getting directions and food.  Maps were available to highlight tourist attractions.  We found the peoples in both cities to be very "tourist friendly" with it being helpful to start all conversations with hello in their language.

Having gone to the two cites, we look back and realize a tourist needs only a few days in Barcelona to see it's sites and most likely a full week in Paris to see it's attractions.

November 10th  
Eiffel Tower  
A. Underneath Johnna & Keith
B. Underneath 2 Johnna & Keith
C. At the top observatory.  Johnna & Keith
D. At the top observatory  
E. At the top observatory Mia
F. At the top observatory Dan
G. At the top observatory Mia
Chez Clement Restaurant  
A. Eating dinner Johnna & Keith
B. Eating dinner Dan & Mia
In Barcelona from Nov 11th through November 14th  
Views from Diagonal Mar Hilton Hotel  
A. View of solar panel arrays from our hotel room  
B. View of ocean  
C. View of city  
La Sagrada Familia Church  
A. Outside Church, view 1 Johnna & Keith
B. Outside Church, view 2 Mia
C. Outside Church, view 3 Dan & Mia
D. Inside Church, view 1 Johnna & Keith
E. Inside Church, view 1 Dan & Mia
Walking in Barcelona  
A. Water Fountains view 1 Dan & Mia
B. Water Fountains view 2 Johnna & Keith
C. Water Fountains view 3 Johnna & Keith
D. In walkway going towards Saint Maria Church Dan & Mia
E. In walkway going towards Saint Maria Church Keith & Johnna
F. In walkway with Saint Maria Church in view Keith & Johnna
G. Eating lunch at Caputxes restaurant in front of Saint Maria's Keith & Johnna
H. Along side of Saint Maria Church Dan & Mia
I. Arts Museum, "Esc. Arts Aplicades Llotja"  
J. Plaza Saint Miguel - Documentacio Estadistica  
K. Plaza Saint Miguel - Bib General  
L. Plaza Saint Miguel as it started raining "again" Keith, Johnna & Dan
M. Eating dinner at Moncho's All
N. Waiting for Metro Johnna, Mia & Dan
Parc Guell  
A. On street walking to park.  View of church in far background  
B. Walking up long ascending street to park Johnna
C. View of Barcelona from park  Above the Dragon steps. Keith
D. City view  
Race Day at Formula1 Race Track "Circuit De Catalunya"  
A. Dan walking in pit with the cars they will be driving Dan
B. Outside Pit Dan & Mia
C. In practice car, Formula Renanut", before push start Dan
D. On straight away in practice car Dan
E. Close up on straight away in practice car Dan
F. Getting out of practice car Dan
G. Dan about to take off in F1 Car, 2001 Prost Dan
November 15th  
Walking in Paris  
A. Outside Saint Germain  L'Auxerrous Church Johnna
B. In front Of Notre Dame Church Keith
C. Inside Notre Dame near alter  
D. Bridge on Siene near Notre Dame (bright spots are rain drops)  
E. Looking across Siene to Statue of Henry IV  
F. Museum Du Lovure - it was night time so pictures were dark  
G. Museum Du Lovure  
H. Museum Du Lovure  
I. At a Pub, Le Pompadour,  eating a snack Johnna
J. At the same pub, Le Pompadour. Keith
Dinner at Au Pied De Cochbon  
A. Mia showing the boots she bought Mia
B. Eating some Starters ~ Appetizers  (Mia had escargot) Dan & Mia
C. All of us with our main entrée All