Keystone, Vail & Breckenridge 2003

This was one of those trips that was fun, very cold and had a bad ending.  We loved the skiing but the trip back was terrible.  We borrowed a friends van and on the way back it wouldn't go faster than 65 miles per hour and if it hit a bump or went up hill for too long, the engine would slowly die or die altogether.  The trip up took us 17 hours and the return trip was 24 hours with us all worrying about being stranded and calling for help.   Never again will we borrow someone's vehicle.

We all stayed at Keystone and the first two days, the area included Denver had the coldest weather in 100 years.  When we were at Breckenridge, the temperature on top of the mountain was 6 Degrees Fahrenheit and with the wind chill factor, it was a negative 16 Degrees Fahrenheit.  There was frost bite warnings on the upper lifts.

On the trip we shared a 3 bedroom Condominium at Keystone with Tommy Trest and his two boys: Nathan and Nick.  Dan Lee and his friend Mia stayed at a Holiday Inn. 

Also, this was the first year that Johnna and Megan skied.  They did pretty well, but not all of the slopes were open and only one slope at Breckenridge was a good starter slope for beginners.  Never the less, Megan and Johnna enjoyed the experience and the beautiful scenery.

Below are photos from a 35 Mil. Camera and a Digital Camera:

Johnna and Keith at Vail
Keith & Megan at Breckenridge.   Megan was not happy and was scared to go skiing for first time.
Dan and Mia at Vail
At ski lifts (entrance) at Breckenridge.   From left to right:  Dan's sister in law and brother, Irene and Win; Dan Lee and Mia; and Megan Montz
At Breckenridge entrance.  Dan, Mia, Megan and Nick
At Breckenridge lifts: From Left to Right: Keith, Johnna, Derek & Taylor Montz and Nick Trest
Megan and Irene Lee on a lift chair going up one of the slopes
Derek at Breckenridge club house
Taylor at Breckenridge club house
Megan, Keith, Tommy and Nick at Breckenridge club house
Goose Pasture Tarn Lake
Unpacking from our cars.  About to go skiing at Vail   From left to right: Mia (half of her), Nick Trest (bending over), Tommy Trest (in far back), Keith Montz (with red cap), Taylor Montz (with red & white cap) and Johnna Montz in green jacket.
Shot 2 of unpacking before going skiing at Vail.
At Vail Village: Mia, Johnna, Taylor & Nick
At Vail Village ski lifts: Nick and Tommy
Tommy at the top of the mountain in Vail
Eating out at in Friso, Co.  This was the last night there and everyone else was too tired to go out