Walt Disney World 2006
July 7th - July 13th

This was a fun vacation.  On July 7th at 6:15am, we drove from Houston to Pensacola Florida to stay at a hotel right off of one of the islands with a great beach view.  The next day we drove to Orlando, Florida to stay at Fort Wilderness Camp Ground on the Walt Disney World Campus.  The cabins have a full kitchen, are spacious and separated from each other which gives a nice feeling of being out in the deep woods.

On Saturday evening we picked up Johnna from the Orlando Airport.  Johnna unfortunately missed out on the Pensacola beach because of Realtor ~ House closing.  Also on the trip were good friends Phil and Margaret Simpkin along with their two twins, Lorna and Craig.  Their oldest daughter, Fiona, was vacationing back with family in England and Scotland.

  I-10 road pictures, Louisiana
1 Miles of swamps off of 1-10
2 Approaching Mississippi Bridge
3 Another view of miles and miles of swamps
4 Megan
5 Taylor
6 Derek

Day 1

  Hampton Hotel, Pensacola Florida - water was beautifully clear!
1 Megan, Taylor & Derek in Hotel room with view of beach
2 View 1 of beach from hotel room
3 View 2 of beach from hotel room
4 Megan, Taylor & Derek on the beach
5 Megan and Keith on the beach
6 Megan, Derek & Taylor in the water
7 Taylor, Derek & Megan in neck high water
8 Taylor standing in the beautiful clear water.
9 Taylor found a two inch broken in half shark tooth
10 Derek and Megan looking for sand dollars and other shark teeth.

Day 2
The mornings and evenings were pleasant, not to hot. Unlike Houston, we could sit outside our cabin and enjoy the surrounding with out any bugs / mosquitoes.  

  Fort Wilderness Camp Ground
1 Johnna, Megan and Taylor standing outside our cabin
2 Johnna and Keith outside the cabin.

Day 3 - MGM Studios

1 Keith, Taylor, Megan, Derek, Margaret Simpkin and Lorna Simpkin waiting at Wilderness Campground outpost for bus rider to MGM Studios.
2 Margaret, Lorna and Craig Simpkin at the Wilderness Campground Outpost with Phil on the cell phone in the background.
3 Megan, Johnna, Keith, Derek and Taylor inside park
4 Johnna, Taylor, Derek and Megan near the Hollywood Tower Hotel ride.
5 Watching the Acrobatic Car Stunt Show
6 Taylor, Megan, Keith and Derek on the park's city streets area
7 Megan, Derek and Taylor with San Francisco back drop.

Day 4 - Magic Kingdom

1 Catching the boat ride to Magic Kingdom from campground outpost.
2 Derek, Johnna, Megan and Taylor on the park streets.
3 Keith, Derek, Taylor and Mega outside the Walt Disney famous castle.
4 Taylor, Megan and Johnna resting in the park.
5 Taylor at night outside of the castle
6 Megan and Taylor at the entrance to Tomorrow land before riding Space Mountain roller coaster.

Day 5 - Animal Kingdom - a very beautiful park.

1 Taylor, Megan, Derek and Johnna at the Tree of Life.
2 Megan, Johnna, Derek and Taylor approaching Mt Everest roller coaster.
3 Taylor, Keith, Derek and Megan waiting for Bug's Life show.
4 All of us... waiting on the Bug's Life Show.
5 Another picture outside of the Tree of Life.

Day 6 - Epcot

1 At entrance to park