Our Wedding
March 11, 1989

Like all weddings, ours was just as special if not more.  I come from a larger family than Johnna but together we had around 250 people at Saint Vincent De Paul Catholic Church.  The Church has a very long center aisle that is wonderful for weddings.  Assisting in our wedding was one of my High School class mates, Father Joe Mallet and everything was beautiful.  My mother was fighting her second battle with cancer and we knew she had less than a few months left.  Because of this the celebration took on another dimension as family and friends came to not only be there for us but to be there for my mother.     

Johnna before wedding
Keith before wedding
Keith, groomsmen and ushers.
Johnna and mom, Jean Latterner
Keith and mom, Ann Montz
Johnna and dad, John "Bud" Latterner
Keith, parents and brother David
Johnna with parents, sister Renee' and brothers Scott and Michael
Johnna's grandparents on her mother's side.  "Salty" and Thelma Parker
Johnna and Renee'
Keith and Ed Maldonado, David Montz and Ross Daragahi
Johnna and Renee', cousin Lauren Carter and
Almost time
I'm not nervous!
Exchanging rings 1
Exchanging rings 2
Kissing the bride
Walking down center aisle     Movie
The happy couple
The happy couple 2
In front of the church
At the reception
Cutting the cake
Our first dance
Carrying across the threshold