James Derek Montz
Son of Keith and Johnna Montz

6 months old 1990
8 Months old 1990
With Great Grand Parents on his mom's side, Salty and Thelma Parker 1990
Dad and Mom looking over Derek asleep in suitcase during vacation 21-Jun-1991
Derek's 1st birthday.  Johnna, nephew Chris and Aunt Betty in background. 23-Oct-90
1 Years old "catching some sun" 1990
Sporting some long hair 1990
With Granddad, "Pappa Jim". Vacation at Surfside, Tx 6-Jun-1991
With Dad 1991
With baby brother Taylor 1991
Great Aunt Betty Waguespack holding Derek 1992
Chasing some ducks at Meyerland Park 1992
In dad's cowboy boots 1992
At the Houston Zoo petting a goat.  Derek and Dad with backs turned 21-Jun-1992
Derek and dog, Sam 1992
Derek and mom at Christmas.  Jim & Ann Montz's 1993
Riding horse at his birthday party Nov 1994
Derek riding his bike 1994
Derek and Uncle David Montz 1995
Look good.  In front our house on Aberdeen Street. 16-May-96
At Astroworld, driving Dad 1996
8 Years old 1997
After swimming meet wearing his medals 1999
Fourth Grade 2000
Derek April 2001 April 2001
Derek and Jake Sep 2001
12th year Birthday party dinner Oct 2001
On Mexico / USA Border @ Matamoras August 2002
About to go skiing in Vail, Colorado  Practicing snow plow stance. Nov 2002
Basketball team individual picture Jan 2003
2003 Class Photo 2003
Derek with his carved pumpkin from Halloween 2004
Driving School, Sep 05 Sep 05
16th Birthday Dinner Oct 05
Picking up his first car.  A 2006 Honda Fit June 06
Stafford Homecoming: Derek and Priya Tomy Oct 06
Stafford Prom March 07
Guadalupe Tubing Trip off of Canyon Lake August 2008
In the parking lot at Playa Palancar in Cozumel March 2009
On Trolley in the French Quarter of New Orleans August 2010
Megan, Derek, Taylor, Angel and Benji in the shallows on Cruise August 2010
Winning Employee of the Year at Derek Hotel Houston Feb 2014
Derek College Graduation May 2016