James Dalferes Montz
February 13, 1927 - October 5, 2012
Father of James Keith Montz and David Christopher Montz

Year and half old w/ James G. Dalferes & Montz Family  1928
Brothers: Rodney, Ted and Jim Montz 1952
Age 25 1952
At Shrine Of Gaudalupe, Mexico City.  Honeymoon. 1957
Unknown.  Late twenties (age) ?
Golfing with Jim Montz.  Ann was a great golfer. 1958?
In cul-de-sac of Jacksonville, Florida home w/ Keith 1983
In Jacksonville, Florida home w/ David and Keith 1985
Jim and Ann Montz 1986?

After the death of first wife Ann Waguespack Montz

Now married to Ann Gaushell Montz

In Tulsa, Oklahoma 1988
Holding James Derek Montz 1989
Ann G. Monz and Jim Montz w/ grandchildren Megan and Taylor 17-Jan-1993
Jim and Ann at part for Jim's Aunt Madia's birthday party at Houston Country Club Oct 1996
Enjoying the Blue Bonnets with Ann Montz 1996
On Alaskan Cruise 1998
Jim and Ann Dec 2001
In upstairs living room at Horse Shoe Bay.   75th Birthday! 13-Feb -02
With Johnna Montz at a performance at Ovations by Tom Michael Sep 04
80th Birthday Party Feb 07


  Visiting Jim Montz's childhood home, sixty years later.  Jan 2004

One day on route to go to see the Battleship Texas, we called my father up to ask for his address where he grew up.  We located the home and drove by and the people who own the home now, graciously let us in.

1 Outside of the home
2 Inside the home
3 Kitchen