Some of our pets over the years

Sam 115 lbs Doberman Pincher   (deceased) 1989
Sebastin Siamese'   (deceased) 1989
Alexis Himalayan   (deceased) 1989
Jake Westie 1998
Zack w/ Jinx in background Westie puppy and Siamese' kitten Sep 2001
Zack and Jinx Jinx biting Zack's tale.  They are best buddies.  Playing in cat house. Sep 2001
Zack At the top of the stairs Sep 2001
Zack shot 2 At the bottom of the stairs Sep 2001
Jake & Jinx Waiting for food hand outs Dec 2001
Zack "Tigger" with Jake in background All dressed up for Saint Patrick's Day.  He's still a puppy!  The name is pronounced like the character in Winne the Pooh. March 2002
Gent Doberman.  Born 01-Jan-2003 Jan 2003
Gent's Father Best In Breed June 1995
Holding Gent and the litter Gent is being held by Keith in right arm.  Green collar.  This is at the breeder house in Rosenberg Texas. Jan 2003
Tiger and Jake with Gent Running to come back inside March 2004
Gent and Megan In Megan's room March 2004
Jinx In Megan's room March 2004
Sox Given to us by my brother David, we had her for 8 years before she passed on. March 2004
Tiger, Jake and Gent #1 Playing Tug-a-war May 2004
Tiger, Jake and Gent #2 another picture of the Tug-a-war May 2004
Funny shot of Gent in his kennel When coming in from backyard, our dogs have kennels to go into to dry their feet off May 2004
Gent with wig on How humiliating! Sep 2004
Gent with another wig on Bozo meets Harley Davidson. Sep 2004
Tuff Dog - Gent Harley Davidson Cap. Sep 2004
Majestic Gent Finally a dignified picture! Sep 2004
Westie spot a squirrel Tigger and Jake sit on this chair and watch for squirrels. If one comes... everyone will know! Sep 2004
Megan and Jinx Jinx doesn't look to content does he? Sep 2004
Johnna and Tigger Tigger before bed time. Sep 2004
Raccoons not our pets but an animal rescue 8-May-2005
Gent being humiliated Shinner Blond? Aug 05
Jake Jake sleeping, not knowing a cookie awaits 2005
Max New adopted cat.  Sitting where he is not suppose to go Oct 2005
Jake & Tigger Falling asleep on the "job" of squirrel patrol. Oct 2005
Max, Jake & Tigger In bed with Megan March 06
Tigger in the office in the office Aug 06
Tigger, Salem and Jake In cage.  Dogs ignoring Salem the cat Mar 07
Jake and Max Sleeping on bed Mar 07
Max with Butterfly Megan holding Butterfly as Max checks it out Jan 07
Mia Husky Dec 2009
Mia sleeping upside down Sleeping upside down in Gent's cage Jul 2011
Megan's cat "Blue"   Mar 2016