Annual Ski Trip January 20-23, 2012
Keystone and Breckenridge, Colorado
Second of two Trips

This trip we had five attendees: Tommy Trest, Jessie Patterson, Helen Keller, Mia Pham and myself.  Jessie drove up, with Helen, from Houston with our ski bikes.  Like the trip in December, we used Hero mini camcorders to record a lot of great videos, three of which were of accidents. Jessie did not ski as Jessie had injuries from our last ski trip and Helen stayed with Jessie.

On the previous trip, there was barely any snow fall for the whole State of Colorado.  On this trip there was a snow storm that lasted for several days, dumping 14 inches of snow, which made skiing a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, as noted we had skiing accidents for the first time in all of the years of skiing.

The first accident happened on the fist day when skiing at Breckenridge.  Tommy was doing spins in his snow ski blades and caught something underneath the snow which caused him to fall hard where he fell on his chest where possibly the Hero Camcorder pushed hard into his chest causing at least one cracked rib.  Tommy continued to ski that day along with the second day but by the third day it was too painful.

The second accident happened at Keystone on the next day.  At Breckenridge the day before there are a few ski runs that are marked as Black Diamonds which are more like Blues.  When riding a ski lift over a Black Diamond at Keystone, we saw that it was more like a Green run, so we took the run on our ski bikes.  Towards the end it dropped to a slope of somewhere in the vicinity up to 60 degrees which is very difficult on a ski bike because of the turning.  Tommy was digging his hard soled boots deeply into the snow to stop himself for turns but I had soft sole boots which ended up being caked with ice that didn't fare so well.  About a quarter of the way down the severe slope, Tommy got off his ski bike to film me going probably 20 to 30 mph into the trees off of the run where my bike was thrown around 30 yards, I ended up hitting head first into a log with my ski helmet being cracked in half and it going down the mountain like a bowling ball.  I should be dead ... God saved me! The helmet was the only place on my body that could have sustained the speed and impact.  Had I gone into the trees, I probably would have had Brocken bones are been impaled. I did probably have a concussion and had a minor cut across my head.  (Incidentally 3 people died this weekend: one was impaled, one hit his head and another was skiing off terrain where he was covered up by avalanche.)

Note: Movies were done with GoPro Hero camcorder. H1 is the first version and H2 is the new version.  There is no or little sound because we had them in water proof case to protect them.  Lastly, when you click on a Movie link, it may take a few minutes to download.

Friday, January 20th - Breckenridge
(we showed up with ski bikes but were not allowed to use them.  We returned with skis.)

1 View of backyard from our lodging's middle floor
2 View of same backyard from lowest level with fireplace and hot tub outside.
3 Keith on the street in front of our house.
4 Tommy and Mia at one of the lift basis.  (the camera device that Tommy and Keith are wearing is a Hero Camcorder... many skiers had them.)
5 Mia on one of the ski runs.
6 Keith going down run.  Notice the wind and snow.  Movie - H1 quality
7 Mia and Keith down the same run.  Nice view of the long run.  Movie - H1 quality
8 Keith and Tommy.
9 Keith and Mia at the same location going down this nice run.  Movie - H1 quality
10 Keith and Mia a little farther down.  Notice the thick powder snow.  Movie - H2 quality
11 Eating dinner that night at Old Chicago.  Helen, Keith, Mia, Tommy and Jessie.

Saturday, January 21st - Keystone

1 Being dropped off at Keystone by Jessie and Helen.  Keith, Helen, Jessie and Tommy.
2 Same location after gearing up.  Tommy, Keith, Mia and Helen.
3 Tommy and Keith in enclosed gondola with ski bikes.  People ask if they fit in a gondola car... judge for yourself.
4 Tommy at the top point at Keystone.
5 Keith at the top point at Keystone.
6 Mia at the top point at Keystone.
7 Keith on nice green run showing how smooth and easy the ski bikes run.  Movie - H2 quality
8 Keith coming down the Black Diamond where a little farther down is where the crash happened.
9 Tommy on the same Black Diamond slope.  Notice the stance.  The slope varied between 45 to 60 degrees.
10 Keith Crash.  Movie - H1 quality
11 Helmet which shows the crack down middle.  The exterior hard plastic shield, which was also cracked was thrown away.
12 Tommy and Mia coming down one of the nice Blue runs.  Movie - H2 quality
13 Mia down the same run as #11.  Movie - H2 quality
14 Great speed movie clip coming down the same Blue run with Tommy at the end doing a power slide on bike.  Movie - H2 quality
15 Mia and Tommy approaching lift.  This is right after #13.  Movie - H2 quality
16 Tommy showing how easy it is to control and stop a ski bike.  Movie - H2 quality.
17 Tommy and Mia - Movie - H2 quality
18 Going a pretty good speed on the ski bike.  Tommy in front.  Movie - H2 quality
19 Keith at top of Keystone in front of ice castle.
20 Tommy Crash.  Mia skis into Tommy's path and Tommy jumps off bike to not let bike run into Mia.  Movie - H2 quality
21 Eating dinner that evening at a Cajun Restaurant in town of Frisco.  Jessie, Keith, Mia, Helen and Tommy.

Sunday, January 22nd

The pain of Tommy's cracked ribs caught up to him, Mia was dead tired and I probably had a concussion so we took it easy.  Jessie and Helen took off in the morning for the long drive back, so it was just the three of us left in the huge house. We went into town and grab two movies to watch and did some shopping at the Columbia outlet mall getting some awesome deals on ski apparel. 

1 Eating dinner in the evening at Murphy's in town of Silverthorne.  Tommy, Mia and Keith

Monday, January 23rd.

We took the nice scenic drive around and bypassing Denver to go to Boulder where we walked the center of town's famous shopping area and arts area.

1 Mia and Tommy on the drive through Clear Creek Canyon Park.
2 Keith and Tommy at the same sign post.
3 Keith, Mia and Tommy in Boulder at the town center next to the marquee Boulder rock monument.
4 Tommy, Mia and Keith next to City Hall.