John Taylor Montz
Son of Keith and Johnna Montz

Dad and Taylor in our den at 4513 Waycross 1991
Taylor asleep w/ proud father looking over him 1992
At neighborhood park we went to all the time.  He loved this! 20-Jun-1992
Falling asleep in the midst of playing 22-Feb-1992
Rough and tough cowboy 1993
3 Years old 17-Jan-1993
A sleep while standing up! 21-Mar-93
Another shot falling a sleep 28-Mar-93
Sliding down the slide at our Seril's park in Sugar Creek 24-Apr-93
After eating some ice cream 1994
Pouting on stairs 5-Mar-1995
5 Years old 1996
Astroworld 1996 (Riding w/ dad and Derek in front) 1996
At party in backyard w/ friend Alex Fick 1996
Taylor w/ Megan dressed up for Halloween 31-Oct-1996
7 Years old birthday party 1997
Graduation 22-May-97
Won slowest car in Boy Scouts Pine Derby.  Yes, Dad built the wheels to tight. 1997
Taylor and grandmother Ann dancing 1997
On Baseball Team April 1998
Taylor gets his yellow belt in Karate 1999
Taylor April 2001 April 2001
Wins 3rd place on "Don't Do Drugs" poster Fall 2001
Newspaper acknowledgement of winners Dec 2001
At Go Cart Track.   Courtesy of Dan Lee June 2002
11th Birthday Party at Horse Shoe Bay July 2002
On Mexico / USA Border @ Matamoras August 2002
About to ride go-cart at Megan's 11th Birthday Party. Nov 2002
About to go skiing in Vail, Colorado   Dad helping with ski equip. Nov 2002
A) Riding a Harley Davidson at school after winning a reading contest,
B) 2nd Shot, sitting on one of the bikes
May 2003
Stafford Youth Basket Ball Association 2003
2003 School Photo May 2003
Taylor 12th Birthday Party Page Held in June
Getting his ear pierced Aug 2003
Gaming on the PC Nov 2004
Houston Rockets vs Utay Jazz Basketball Game @ Toyota Center 11-Feb-06
Trey Lambert, Michael , Frank , Taylor, , Brian posing after playing some basketball. Mar 2007
Outside of a Souvenir's Shop March 2009
Megan, Derek, Taylor, Angel and Benji in the shallows on Cruise Aug 2010
On the Summer Cruise: Taylor wore Jamaican colors the whole day and at one of the shops after putting on one of the Jamaican hats with hair. Aug 2011