Ted Montz

Ted is my uncle, god father and my father's two years younger brother.  His love, friendship and generosity went far beyond most people I have ever met and known in my life.  He died when I was 27 years old and his funeral was attended by many of the "Who's Who" of the City of Houston.  There must of been a thousand or so people at the funeral.  To describe the impact of his life would take a large volume of work.  

At the time of his death, my uncle was Vice President of Facilities, Planning and Construction for the entire University Of Houston System (all campuses.)  He had a beautiful house off of Memorial Park in Houston which he was restoring and a wonderful life.  Before graduating from University of Houston, I had the privilege of working for him at U Of H and on many other occasions house sitting his dogs along with painting his house for extra money.  I remember my uncle as a man who became like a father for so many families who had lost a father in both financial and caring aspects.  A few years before I graduated, my parents had moved to Jacksonville, Florida where my uncle and my god mother, Vivian, became my local emotional support and help.

Below are some of the memorabilia I've managed to obtain thus far.

Scans from the back of his shell construction art works:
The person
The Artist
Camille Coulter (now Bigham) with Ted Montz
In his 40s