James Keith Montz
Childhood, High School, College and other pictures

Description Year
1 week old Sep. 1960
Cola de Caballo Hotel in Montery, Mexico 1961
With brother David 24-Mar-1962
Playing at Galveston Beach June 1962
In San Francisco     Movie 1962
3 1/2 years old 1963
All Dressed Up Nov 1963
Casual 12-Nov-63
Keith riding tricycle with brother David on back   Movie 1965?
Six years old birthday, with brother David, cousin Jessie Waguespack and best friend Jack Clark 3-Sep-1966
Watching Dad play golf at Briarcliff (outside Austin, Tx) with brother David as we drove the golf cart       Movie Summer 69?
Ten years old 1970
Lincoln Memorial - DC - 1975 w/ Dad and David 1975
High School Shots 1974-1978
Fraternity Costume Party.  Pledge brother, future Dr. Michael Flaherty above me and Eric White to the right with future 1st wife, Katy.  Others: Todd Mathews and future Dr. Nadim and Rachel Nasir.  My costume was from my acting in well known play/movie, "Don't Drink the Water" where I obviously was Father Drobny. 1979
Article from University of Houston Cougar (1 of 2) 13-Mar-1981
Article 2 10-Apr-1981
Road trip to Beta Theta Pi convention at Indiana University.   Aug 1982
Junior at University of Houston Nov 1982
With friend Ed Maldonado Spring 1983
With Dad and brother, David, in Jacksonville, Fl. at
Jim and Ann Montz's home.  Also a Senior at U.Houston
Jan 1986
Keith College Graduation May 1988
Holding Derek after his birth 23-Oct-89
In den of first house  Derek off to the side being held Fall 1989
Working at home 1990
Holding Taylor after birth 4/30/91
Resting after Taylor's birth at the Woman's Hospital 4/30/91
At park watching kids play 23-Aug-1992
Celebrating birthday.  Derek and Taylor about to light the candles 9/4/93
With our two new cats: Snickers and Ti 1996
After helping a friend move   Parked in front of our house. 1997
Driving Armored Personnel Vehicle 1997
Baker Hughes Golf League Tournament with partner Lisa Strachan and work friends Lynn Trahan and John Sanchez 4-Oct-97
Keith gets a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. 25-Dec-98
At work 2000
Before run on trip in San Francisco   (click here for trip web page.) March 2001
Johnna & Keith 18-Feb-01
Poker buddies March 2001
On San Francisco Trip off of 17 Mile Drive      (click here for trip web page) March 2001
At Tiananmen Square, China   (see TX Flag!)   (click here for trip web page) Oct 2001
On USA & Mexico Border.   (click here for the road trip web page) Dec 7, 2001
Beta Theta Pi 25th anniversary Jan 2002
In Aberdeen, Scotland by William Wallace Statue.     (click here for the web page.) Mar 2002
At his new office on Vantage Parkway Aug 2002
Keith, Johnna and father, Jim Montz at Ovations night club Sep 2004
Eating Dinner with old friend Andra and her husband David Kaufman along with Dave and Karla Dyer.  I had not seen Andra in over 25 years May 2008
Freeport Nov 17, 2008.  Seeing affects of Hurricane Ike Nov 2008
Keith and Jim relaxing on the first level back porch at Jim Montz's house in  Horse Shoe Bay, Tx. Aug 2008
Keith, Johnna & Mike Latterner at Texas Land & Cattle Restaurant.  Visiting with Michael during his two leave from IRAQ while working for KVR. 24-Sep-09
Keith standing on the amphitheater wall with unexcavated pyramid in background. Aug 2010
In Bangkok, Thailand at the Rail station Nov 2010
In Colorado, off of Hiway 6 in a Canyon in-between Boulder and Denver Feb 2011
Lounging on Deck on Caribbean Cruise Aug 2011
Riding new Yamaha 1100 VStar Classic on I-59 north in Sugar Land, Tx Jun 15, 2012
Scuba Certification Aug 2012
Austin, Tx - Outside Smokey J's BBQ. 1st of 2 day bike ramble. Kyle Honnoll, me, Kevin Honnoll & Tommy Trest Sep 1, 2012
At Ed Maldonado's oldest son wedding in San Antonio May 25, 2013
Tuxedo June 2014
Work photo June 2014
New Car June 2014
Riding 1100 VStar in Sugar Land, TX July 2014
Company Picnic March 2015