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IT WILL BE NOTED HERE THAT IN MANY CASES, WHOLE FAMILIES of German citizens married into whole families of French citizens. In the earlier generations, mode of travel was very limited and townships or villages were about the extent of travel living within those communities. Therefore, friendships developed, and soon, marriages between neighbors were commonplace.  Such as in the case of many boys named Montz married into families of French descent, such as "Cambre."  This author knows of three particular instances.  Besides being stated that Jacques Numa Montz (1846-1922) was married to Alice Cambre in 1870 (50) this author's grandparents on both sides of the family were named Montz and Cambre. In fact, my father and mother (A.J. Montz and Vivian Marie Montz) were third cousins. Virginia Cambre (1887-1973) we married to Maurice Montz (1882-1975 ), being my grandparents on my mother's side. Adolph Montz (left) (1872-1940) was married to Amire Cambre (1874-1967), being my grandparents on my father's side. Both families of Cambre and Montz were related to my family tree

OTHER FRENCH FAMILIES MARRIED INTO GERMAN FAMILIES. NAME such as Bischof, Anglad, Perilloux, Vicknair, Bourgeois, Poche, Brady, Arnoult, Tassin, and many others, are examples. (51)

THROUGH THE CENTURIES OF INTERMARRIAGES, THE GERMAN TRADITIONS of the name "Montz" can easily be stated today a being a conglomerate of French, German, Spanish, English, Scotch, Norwegian, Italian, Czechoslovakian, Dutch, and many more ancestries.

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