Page 40

Adolph Montz
(picture 1938)
Engineer on the railroad (author's grandfather)
John Montz grocer
John Montz, Sr a clerk
Paul Montz a carpenter
Paul Montz a contractor
Stanley Montz not known
Anna Montz not known
Anthony J. Montz a physician
Charles Montz a conductor
Daniel Montz a clerk
Louis T. Montz a clerk
Sarah Montz not known
Achille Montz a motorman
Andrew Montz  (40.1) an architect
Henry Montz a tinner
Joseph P. Montz a fireman
Mrs. Louise Montz not known

(The original book had 1940 and 1950 references here along with a derogatory paragraph which I have removed.  In the 1940 forward, there were many Montz working in a variety of professions in the blue and white collar arena, all of which are worthy of admiration.)

40.1   Andrew Montz was the architect who originally designed the old St. Peter's Catholic Church in Reserve, Louisiana.  This church was destroyed by a hurricane in the 1960's.

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