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This website was started way before Facebook and other photo social Internet engines made it big.  The desire was to keep photos and information on a place where it couldn't be lost, the photos wouldn't fade and information could be shared with family and friends.  If you have information on the Montz genology or enjoyed viewing the site then send an email.    Thanks for stopping by - Keith  
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James Dalferes Montz. 7th Generation since ancestors came to America
James Dalferes Montz  February 13, 1927 - October 5, 2012
Ann Waguespack Montz  January 4, 1924 to June 19, 1989
Ann Gaushell Montz  September 18, 1932 to May 13, 2011 (2nd wife after being widowed)


James Keith Montz. 8th Generation since ancestors came to America
James Keith Montz


Offsprings of James Keith Montz.  9th Generation since ancestors came to America
James Derek Montz
John Taylor Montz
Megan Lyn Montz

Offspring's Mother:
Johnna Lyn Montz


Travels - Vacations (Prior Dec 2015)
Friends and Relatives
Horseshoe Bay, Texas




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